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With the patented second-generation medical device EOT®II, using a special process at the orthopaedist’s the so-called autologous conditioned serum (for short: ACS) is prepared. ACS represents a molecular biological approach to blood processing at the orthopaedist’s. Unlike other commonly used blood treatment methods, with EOT®II the patient’s blood is obtained in a single session with only one sampling at the attending physician’s. Growth factors as well as so-called interleukin antagonists are enriched in the serum by the special processing method. Interleukin antagonists are the endogenous molecular opponents of the interleukin mediators of the cells of the immune system.

ACS production is simple and carried out quickly in the laboratory certified by Orthogen and registered with the authorities: After sampling from one single session, the blood is incubated in the patented medical device EOT®II. Later, the treated blood is centrifuged in the laboratory of the doctor’s office and thereby separated into solid components and serum. Usually the doctor will prepare the ACS on the very day of blood collection. The serum is prepared individually for each patient under laboratory conditions at the orthopaedist’s and can be stored there for 7 months at -18 °C (-1 °F) until use.

The manufacture and use of the ACS is an individual health service and currently not reimbursed by the statutory health insurance. For further information on ACS and on the conditions for possible reimbursement by private health insurers, please contact your doctor.

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