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About two million people in Germany suffer from osteoarthritis of the joints. Because of the high incidence and the often unsatisfactory outcomes, the need for safe and effective orthopaedic treatment methods is very high. Under the pressure of the increasing annual number of joint operations for osteoarthritis (so-called total endoprosthesis, for short: TEP), as well as other surgical procedures such as arthroscopy, and the resulting cost burden on the healthcare system in Germany, there is a huge need for the expansion of existing as well as new conservative treatment methods.

In other words: For medical procedures for preserving the knee joint without requiring surgery. Enter ORTHOGEN Lab Services GmbH. The EOT®II syringe is used in the context of non-surgical treatment for osteoarthritis and joint problems. The patented process enables the attending physician to produce autologous conditioned serum (for short: ACS) using the EOT®II syringe in the laboratory.

Experience Reports

Serum collection with the EOT®II syringe is quite straightforward: The production of Autologous Conditioned Serum (ACS) is easy and quickly carried out in certified labs.

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Preparation of Serum

With the patented second-generation medical device EOT®II, using a special process at the orthopaedist’s the so-called autologous conditioned serum (for short: ACS) is prepared.

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With the Orthokine® Starter Kit, you have all that you need for the first-hand use of Orthokine®serum in your surgery. As well as the equipment available to be supplied

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Recent News

Orthogen @ DKOU 2015

News in Orthopaedics October 22nd, 2015, Berlin New international guidelines for the non-surgical treatment of osteoarthritis were presented at the ORTHOGEN Lunch Symposium ‘Conservative Management of Knee Osteoarthritis’. Strengthening conservative methods for avoiding surgical interventions...
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