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Cooperation with Chiesi Russia

News in Orthopaedics

October 26th, 2015, Düsseldorf

ORTHOGEN Lab Services GmbH and Chiesi Russia have signed a long-term framework agreement for an exclusive cooperation in Russia. The aim of the agreement is to make the products by ORTHOGEN Lab Services GmbH (such as the EOT®II syringe for the preparation of autologous conditioned serum) available to clinical users and patients in Russia via the partner Chiesi. In the context of this cooperation, already numerous patients have been successfully treated in the private hospital of the company GAZPROM for their employees in Moscow and in the State Polyclinic of the Presidency of the Russian Federation No. 3. Furthermore, a partnership with the Federal Medical Centre in Moscow is intended for the future – a comprehensive product demonstration was agreed upon. Orthogen is active in growth markets such as Russia, in order to play a pioneering role here in the field of autologous blood preparations.

ORTHOGEN Lab Services GmbH is a subsidiary of ORTHOGEN AG, which was established in Düsseldorf in 1993 by the independent orthopaedist Prof. Dr. Peter Wehling. Since 2002, ORTHOGEN Lab Services GmbH has been distributing the EOT®II syringe globally. The EOT®II syringe is used by office-based physicians for preparing Autologous Conditioned Serum (ACS). The ORTHOGEN Group conducts its research and development as well as its manufacturing in Germany.

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